Track 0 is an independent not-for-profit, which serves as a hub to support all those working to get greenhouse gas emissions on track to zero. We provide research, policy advice, communications and networking support to governments, businesses, investors, communities and NGOs. We are not a campaigning or political organization.


China and the US follow ‘early ratification club’ ahead of G20 summit

The US and China have jointly announced their ratification of the Paris Agreement. The two countries submitted their instruments of ratification on the eve of the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou, nine months after the Paris Agreement was drawn up. This gives the climate deal a major boost, making early entry into force more likely. It […]

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Track 0 supports #1.5oC Campaign at Olympics

Track 0 has been advising the influential #1.5oC campaign of the Rio Olympics. Brazilian Campaigners have worked with athletes from around the world, including those from countries that are highly vulnerable to climate impacts, to promote the message: “1.5oC: The Record we must not Break”. Marshall Islands' weightlifiter Mattie Sasser: 1.5oC, dont't break it! #Sport4Climate […]

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Track 0 Goals

Our economic system is at odds with our climate system and our fragmented individual efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have amounted to an increase in GHGs so far. The science says to avoid a maximum 2ºC/1.5ºC temperature rise GHG emissions need to be phased out completely as soon as possible. Phasing out emissions to zero is feasible and supported by the science. Track 0 is here to support all those who want to pursue pathways to net zero GHG emissions, pointing the way to a clean, fair and bright future for all.


Our goal is to limit global temperature rise to well below 2ºC/1.5ºC. This means reaching net zero GHG emissions by 2050 in accordance with science and as set out in the Paris Agreement.


We prioritise immediate phase out of CO2 emissions from energy and industry as fast as possible starting today.

Phase in 100% clean energy

We work to support all those working for goal of 100% clean renewable energy as part of the energy transition to a clean future.

Ambition for every sector

Gases such as methane, HFCs and emissions of particulates also contribute to climate change. We therefore want leaders from all sectors to commit to renewable energy and a phase out of either emission as a way to unify all efforts.

Social Justice

We want a socially just world with zero poverty and enhanced resilience to climate impacts. Reaching net zero emissions must go hand in hand with equity and fairness to present and future generations, including impacts that cause irreversible loss and damage.

Economically Sustainability

Investing in low carbon opportunities is financially attractive, creates secure local jobs and places our economy on a sustainable track for the long run.

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