The countries who are have already expressed support for a long term goal being part of the 2015 Agreement include 48 Least Developed Countries (LDCs), represented by Nepal, AILAC (Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic and Guatamala), the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Grenada, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany and Norway.

Many of these countries have already created domestic long term phase out or carbon neutrality goals. For example Costa Rica and Bhutan have committed to becoming carbon neutral, Sweden and Norway also has such goals. Denmark is working with plans to decarbonise completely by 2050. Some countries like Peru, Kenya and the Cameroon have ambitious renewables energy targets in place showing that developing nations see their future as being largely free of fossil fuels. This diversity of countries in support of the long-term goal to phase out emissions to zero, reflects how widespread the appeal of the goal is. It can can create the unifying framework necessary to bring together nations of all economic standings who want to get on track to zero.

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