In February Track 0 CEO Farhana Yamin travelled to the Pacific region visiting Palau and the Marshall Islands, and attending the 16th Micronesian Presidents’ Summit. The Summit called on Pacific countries to expedite ratification, and all countries to ratify the Paris Agreement. Their call to action has paid dividends with Fiji, Palau and the Marshall Islands being the first three countries to complete their national ratification processes since the Agreement’s successful adoption in December 2015.

The Nitijela (parliament) of the Marshall Islands gave its approval for ratification of the Paris Agreement on Friday the 18th of March. Marshall Islands President, Hilda Heine, commented on their ratification of the Paris Agreement saying,

The big tasks now are to ensure that the Paris Agreement enters into force as soon as possible, and that governments move quickly to realign their emissions targets with the new 1.5ºC warming limit the world agreed to pursue in Paris. To that end, we are pleased to see the UK move to legislate a date for achieving net zero emissions, which the science says must be no later than 2050.

The President also confirmed that the Marshall Islands intends to bring the High Ambition Coalition together in the margins of the United Nations signing ceremony in New York on April the 22nd.

Track 0 congratulates the Marshall Islands on their early ratification and continuation of the leadership for an ambitious agreement they showed in Paris, especially in the face of a king tide and drought.

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