Track 0’s CEO Farhana Yamin participated in the 14th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, PluriCourts, hosted by the University of Oslo. The four day conference from the 20-24th June brought together over 300 academics, legal practitioners, judges, adjudicators, arbitrators, mediators and members of tribunals to discuss procedural and substantive aspects of environmental adjudication.

The overarching topic of the Colloquium was “The Environment in Court – Environment protection in national and international courts, tribunals, and compliance mechanisms”. Against the backdrop of increased climate litigation around the world, Discussions focused on ‘what role does, could and should, the judiciary have in promoting environmentally sustainable development?’

Farhana addressed the closing plenary session of the conference on the topic “The Role of Lawyers in Speeding Up Climate Action pre-2020: 4 Suggestions to Shift Tracks and Create New Collaborations in Support of the Paris Agreement” towards the end of the conference. Her powerpoint slides can be seen here. She gave four suggestions:

  • The Paris Agreement should be celebrated as a miracle for multilateralism. It was a universal agreement, incorporating upward ambition over time, strong signals to the markets, mobilisation of non-state actors and transparency that will drive action
  • Educate in-house counsel that climate risks are their problem, with ramifications in every business, supply chain, and investment
  • Use courts and tribunals, as litigation has been proven to work such as with Urgenda Foundation vs The Netherlands
  • Forge new alliances. The Sustainable Development Goals apply to all, and they create opportunities and challenges for all. Most developing countries are still working in their silos of climate change, security, migration etc.

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