Track 0’s CEO Farhana Yamin supported the Marshall Island team attending the annual climate ministerial get-together in Berlin. The ‘Petersberg Climate Dialogue’ was held on 4-5th July.

This Dialogue focused on ‘Making the Paris Agreement a Reality’. Key topics of discussion included preparing for early entry into force of the Paris Agreement, how to advance preparations for an action orientated COP22 in Marrakesh, and making finance available to support the implementation of NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions). An additional topic that generated much discussion was the submission of long-term/mid-century low-emissions, climate-resilient development strategies.

The Marshall Islands were represented by Minister Mattlan Zackhras, Minister-in-Assistance to the President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, who stressed the need for increased ambition on mitigation, adaptation and delivery of finance to ensure that Parties could keep within the 1.5oC pathway. Minister Zackhras also used the presence of over 30 Ministers to convene a meeting of the High Ambition Coalition. The Coalition agreed to prioritise working on early entry into force of the Paris Agreement and to work together on the adoption of an amendment to the Montreal Protocol to phase out HFCs.

The German Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks met with the RMI delegation and confirmed Germany’s commitment to complete their Paris Agreement ratification process before COP22.

Germany also informed Dialogue attendees of the NDC Partnership which is aimed at helping nationally determined contribution implementation.

The Petersberg Climate Dialogue’s co-chair’s conclusions can be found here, and are summarised here:

  • The Paris Agreement was recognised as a watershed moment that has triggered change, and that NDCs must be materialised as actual policies
  • Mid-century strategies are crucial in the post-Paris agenda and many nations are amending theirs in the light on the Paris Agreement
  • The transition to a zero-emissions world must be accelerated, with the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda as integrated challenges
  • Policies must be aligned to shift finance towards low-carbon and climate-resilient development
  • The Action Agenda should be a key element of the upcoming COPs

The Petersberg Climate Dialogues website.

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