Track 0 has been advising the influential #1.5oC campaign of the Rio Olympics.

Brazilian Campaigners have worked with athletes from around the world, including those from countries that are highly vulnerable to climate impacts, to promote the message: “1.5oC: The Record we must not Break”.

Sports personalities are urged to back the campaign and support a transition to a zero-emissions world.


Sport will be affected by the impacts of climate change, such as extreme weather events. Athletes have legitimacy to discuss why the world should aim for keeping temperature increase below 1.5oC.

Concurrent to the Olympic Games, the Climate Vulnerable Forum held a high-level meeting outlining the devastating impacts on the world’s most vulnerable of breaking the 1.5oC limit, and the IPCC held a scoping meeting for their upcoming 1.5oC scientific report.

This summer has seen more temperature records fall, and the future of the Olympics itself in cities around the world has been thrown into doubt because of warming.

The campaign has also has support from Brazil’s Observatório do Clima, the Climate Vulnerable Forum, GIP and UNEP.


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