Our Advisory Members

Track 0 is fortunate to have attracted some of the best minds in climate finance, science and policy, as well as leaders driving sector-based solutions that are changing the paradigm for acting on climate change. Our work is enormously enhanced by their involvement. We will continue to build this expert group as our work develops.

Sharon Johnson, CEO Havas Media Re:Purpose                                                                                                                 A global marketer noted for linking influential voices and stakeholders from all levels of decision-making to catalyse movements that spread. She consults to a range of FTSE 500 corporations on communicating and activating sustainability, sustainable innovations, as well as designing sustainability strategies for music artists, philanthropists and Foundations. She led the first global digital movement in 2008 for The Elders on human rights, the Global Call for Climate Action’s historic Rio+20 programme and has set up start-up sustainability consultancies for Havas and independent communications groups in the past 5 years.

Erik Haites, President of Margaree Consultants in Toronto                                                                                             Erik is an expert on emissions trading systems and climate finance. He is a lead author of the IPCC Working Group III chapter on climate finance and contributed to four other IPCC reports. He has been a consultant to the UNFCCC secretariat since 1998. He contributed to designs of greenhouse gas emissions trading programs for several countries and has published papers on emissions trading, linking emissions trading schemes, the Kyoto mechanisms and technology transfer.

Edward Mazria, Founder of Architecture 2030                                                                                                                   Edward Mazria is an internationally recognized architect, planner, author, and educator. His current research reshaped the dialogue on climate change to incorporate the Building Sector, including issuing the 2030 Challenges, strategies to dramatically reduce sector CO2 emissions, and the 2050 Imperative, targeting zero CO2 emissions in the built environment by 2050.This was adopted by the International Union of Architects which represents over 1.4 million architects from 125 countries.

Betsy Taylor, President Breakthrough Strategies and Solutions                                                                                    Betsy Taylor is President of Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions Inc., a consulting firm that supports bold philanthropy and special initiatives to address climate change. Betsy is a philanthropic advisor, social change leader, motivational speaker and has promoted sustainable development and climate solutions for over two decades.  Betsy advises several philanthropic clients, previously served as Executive Director of the Ottinger Foundation, Stern Family Fund, and Merck Family Fund and helped found the Environmental Grantmakers Association of North America.

Dr. Niklas Höhne, Director of Energy and Climate Policy at Ecofys and Associate Professor at Wageningen University                                                                                                                                                                          Niklas Höhne is an internationally recognised expert on the scientific basis for climate policy. He has been active in international climate policy since 1995 and has led numerous studies since 2001 at Ecofys, He is a lead author for the IPCC Fourth and Fifth Assessment Report for climate policies and international cooperation, and UNEP Emissions Gap reports 2010 to 2014.

Bernice Lee, Director, Climate Change at World Economic Forum and Advisory Board, Chatham House Academy for International Leadership                                                                                                                                 Bernice is one of the foremost experts on climate change policy and international security, having worked in numerous roles at the UN, IIED, WBCSD, World Economic Forum and Chatham House. Bernice has a BA (Hons) from Oxford in Politics and Economics and an MSc in International Relations from LSE. She is a Member of the Climate Change Advisory Board at the Children Investment Fund Foundation and received an OBE in 2011 from the Queen’s New Year Honours List in recognition of her contribution.

Precious Lunga, Former Head of Health at Econet Wireless                                                                                         Precious heads a business at global telecoms leader, Econet Wireless, leveraging the mobile phone network to improve access to health services in Zimbabwe. Prior to that, she worked at UNAIDS Geneva where she was involved in spearheading the implementation of HIV prevention programs. She was also strategic advisor to the UK’s second largest charitable foundation, funding programs across Africa and India.  As a vocal advocate for the right to health and education Precious succeeded in bringing together diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, and trial participants, who include approximately ten thousand African women in anti-HIV microbicide trials whilst she was at the UK Medical Research Council.

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