Strategy and Research

Track 0 has a proven track record in undertaking research and devising strategies that maximise impact. Previous examples include our 2015 report on ‘The Business Case for Adopting Net Zero’ designed to inform the business and investment community attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, and the ‘Who’s Getting Ready for Zero?’ report which brings together strategies and plans for deep decarbonisation around the world for the first time. 

Track 0’s approach is based on collaboration and co-creation. Currently, our strategic research is focused on:

  • Supporting the development of mid-century long-term emissions pathways and strategies by 2020 as set out in the Paris Agreement, including the role of negative emissions technologies in reaching net zero by 2050
  • Accelerating the development and enforcement of legislation, legal rules and norms including climate litigation that are compatible with the Paris Agreement
  • Providing education, training, and leadership support to future leaders on climate change, including on how to implement the Paris Agreement

Advisory Support

Track 0’s Founder and CEO is one of the world’s leading climate change lawyers and has attended nearly all the major UNFCCC climate conferences since 1992 as a legal advisor to many vulnerable countries.


She is currently advising the Marshall Islands who played a key role in convening the High Ambition Coalition at the Paris COP 21. The Coalition comprised of ministers from 13 countries representing more than 100 countries in total. Her advisory work ensures that vulnerable countries make their voices heard and push for high ambition within the climate negotiations process.

An example of this is her workRMIbriefing with the 16th Micronesian President’s Summit in February 2016 where she provided briefings and highlighted ‘next steps’ after Paris; including a demonstration of leadership from vulnerable nations through early ratification. Fiji, Palau and the Marshall Islands subsequently became the first three nations to ratify


Track 0 has established itself as a convening force that can bring together a wide set of actors. These include policy-makers, research and academia, businesses and NGOs. Acting with impartiality and a consistently high level of confidentiality when needed, Track 0 has conducted high level convenings involving ministers as well more public events that bring together diverse coalitions. These include the Low Carbon Built Environments Roundtable at the 2015 Business & Climate Summit, net-zero strategy workshops in 2014 and 2015, and Zero Practitioners Network scoping meetings.

Where needed, we work behind the scenes, unbranded, to support our partner organisations deliver innovative sessions and events. For example, during COP21 in Paris Track 0 partnered with Architecture 2030, BIM World, The Prince of Wales Corporate Group, International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation, Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, batiactu and [email protected] to convene a Symposium on decarbonising the built environment to Zero by 2050.

Track 0 has also supported and produced materials for Youth movements, including identifying major intervention points and fora outside the UNFCCC where net zero might be advanced in more impactful ways.

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