Track 0 was instrumental in co-creating a strategy on the long-term goal of net-zero. This helped to galvanise support from a wide range of countries, businesses and NGOs for getting the net-zero goal into the Paris Agreement.

HAC ministersTrack 0 staff worked closely with the delegation of the Marshall Islands and provided political, legal and diplomatic support that lead to the creation of the High Ambition Coalition. The Coalition played a key role in getting high ambition elements into the Paris Agreement such as keeping global average temperature rise well below the 2ºC/1.5ºC limit, and provisions on progression, science and finance for developing countries. The HAC was widely covered in the mainstream media and was seen as a progressive force at the COP21 negotiations.


Track 0 worked towards getting businesses to support the Long Term Goal by working with The B-Team and We Mean Business. Together they convene and advise some of the most influential names in the business world. From the outset, Track 0’s net zero strategy has played a significant role in unifying the messages coming from business through The B-Team and We Mean Business. Track 0’s report ‘The Business Case for Adopting the Long-Term Goal for Net-Zero Emissions brought together much of this work.


Track 0 mobilised youth groups by working with the Climate Action Network and international youth (YOUNGOs) at the climate negotiations, to promote ‘zero by 2050‘ in their work within the youth constituency. Youth movements have been impactful throughout the negotiations, and Track 0 has briefed components of it on the long-term goals.

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