Campaigns organisations are a more important force than ever, in this generation empowered by digital tools and social media. Track 0 applauds all efforts directed at an action framework that leads to zero emissions in the timing consistent with science. We have collected the many campaigns that called for a long-term goal to be included in the Paris Agreement, and those with a longer-term campaign outcome of pushing zero emissions work nationally and locally. They use different wording but a common feature is the desire to decarbonise the global economy by mid century. Some have called for climate neutrality while others are using net zero by 2025, zero by 2050, 100% renewable energy or 100% clean energy.

The Avaaz mega petition, was delivered to the President of the Marshall Islands at COP21, with 3.6 million signatures calling for ‘100% Clean energy’. The call for 100% clean energy was amplified over the course of the negotiations with mobilisations across the world calling for a phase-out of fossil fuels and phase in of clean energies, including 100% renewable energy.

Avaaz & RMI

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and got hundreds of thousands of signatures to their petition to world leaders saying:

“We call on you as leaders to respond urgently to the threats of climate change and set a renewable energy target of 100% by 2050.We need bold action like this to keep global temperature rise below the unacceptably dangerous tipping point of two degrees, to phase out carbon pollution to zero, and to invest resources in sustainable development pathways to build a more flourishing, inclusive and balanced world.”

During the COP21 Negotiations faith leaders delivered their petitions totalling 1.8 million signatures, to French President Hollande and the Executive Secretary to the UNFCCC, Christiana Figueres.

pilgrimmage and hollandeA collection of other petitions and campaigns put pressure on world leaders to commit to a long-term goal in Paris. Including the Earth Day petition, an open letter to Obama calling on the US President to embrace more ambitious emissions reductions targets for the US, the US youth petition #OurFuture calling for 100% clean energy by 2030 and most recently, young people active at the UN Climate Negotiations brought the #zeroby2050 campaign inside the UN to remind negotiators that it is the future’s of youth that are being negotiated, and that they want zero GHG emissions by 2050 to be in the Paris Agreement.

Post-Paris there are sustained campaigns and networks that will continue to push for the achievement of the long-term goal of net zero agreed in Paris and enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

Climate Action Network International, representing more than 900 non governmental organisations worldwide, have been working with their members and collaborators in both the UNFCCC and the Sustainable Development Goals processes to promote a full fossil fuel emissions phase out and phase in of 100% renewable energy by 2050. By setting this long-term goal, the 900+ NGOs members of CAN are also supporting and promoting this long-term goal in all the work they do at home.

The Global Call for Climate Action is a network with more than 450 organisations in 70 countries all working towards preventing climate change. To achieve this mission they have multiple strands of work and the GCCA are one of the key mobilising networks organising the huge annual marches all round the world that help to push politicians and leaders to see the level of support for a phase-out of fossil fuels and a just transition towards clean, renewable energy.

1 Million Women is an organisation bringing together women all over the world to get involved in campaigns and local groups to work on issues of climate change and to set personal long-term goals to move to a low-carbon lifestyle.

The 2030 Challenge by Architecture 2030 asks the global architecture and building community to adopt the targets to be design and construct buildings that reduce their fossil fuel consumption to carbon neutral status by 2030.

And finally, the Corporate Leaders Group support engagement between businesses and policy makers to unlock a structural transformation of the economy which reflects the political leadership of the Paris Agreement.

The importance of these campaigns and mobilisations is that decision makers at the highest levels must feel the level of real-world support for a global transformation to zero, fossil fuel phase out and 100% renewable energy as they make the decisions that will affect the way in which we live now and into the future. The Paris Agreement was the beginning of the pathway to zero that we can all help to implement.

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