Investors are increasingly recognizing the risks of fossil fuel investments and many are moving investments out of dirty energy and into the clean economy.

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#Week1: Scaling up Climate Finance | Track 0 Helps Launch New Initiative

Track 0 has joined a new initiative calling for scaled up climate finance from all interested parties to complement commitments of public funds made by Governments. Along with Ceres, Carbon Tracker Initiative, Climate Bonds Initiative, E3G, SynTao Green Finance and Sindicatum Sustainable Resources, we propose that there are 3 key actions to help plug in essential infrastructure […]

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#Week7 Need to know who supports a long-term goal? Track 0’s latest briefing can help

Track 0 has put together an October briefing for those who want the latest on which countries, cities, businesses and individuals support the operationalisation of the 2/1.5ºC maximum temperature rise target with a long-term goal. You can read or download the briefing here Our usual tracking tables for countries, cities and regions, business, campaigns and individuals […]

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G7 commits to long-term goal to decarbonise the global economy

7 of the world’s largest economies have come to a landmark agreement to decarbonise the global economy by the end of the century. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and USA have united to act on climate change and the threats posed by continuing reliance on fossil fuels. Announced today, the G7 have agreed to […]

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Private sector calls for net zero emissions in lead up to Paris

With only a few months to go until the United Nations’ COP 21 Summit in Paris, members of the international business community are continuing to urge national governments to signal their clear commitment to achieving emissions reductions that would limit global average temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius (2ºC). 25 worldwide business networks – representing […]

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Better Growth, Better Climate

The New Climate Economy report, launched in advance of the UN Climate 2014 Summit provides the latest thinking on the cost of directing finance to transition to a low carbon economy.

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