#Week 5 Buddhist & Catholic Leaders Add Their Calls for a Long-Term Goal

In the wake of Pope Francis’ Laudato’ Si Encyclical and the Islamic Leaders Declaration, the Dalai Lama and 14 Buddhist leaders from across the world have issued a Buddhist statement on climate change, calling on world leaders to spur a global, low-carbon transformation by phasing out fossil fuels and phasing in 100% renewable energies. “We […]

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#Week12: Two Powerful Declarations for Global Decarbonisation Issued in 1 Week Remind Leaders of Their Role in Shaping History

Over the last week the world has seen the launch of two declarations launched at the Heads of State level; both focussing on the need for Heads of State to take action on climate change that includes: Phasing out fossil fuels to allow for a full decarbonisation of the global economy An ambitious and universal […]

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