#Week9 CAT & Track 0 analyse how iNDCs could be improved with ambitious decarbonisation plans

Energy modellers at Track and the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) say governments must pledge to reduce emissions further, and draw on their report ‘Who’s Getting Ready for Zero?’ to demonstrate that zero is possible. The 1st of October 2015 marks the deadline for countries to submit their emission reduction targets for 2025 and 2030, known as INDCs […]

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#Week12: Two Powerful Declarations for Global Decarbonisation Issued in 1 Week Remind Leaders of Their Role in Shaping History

Over the last week the world has seen the launch of two declarations launched at the Heads of State level; both focussing on the need for Heads of State to take action on climate change that includes: Phasing out fossil fuels to allow for a full decarbonisation of the global economy An ambitious and universal […]

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G7 commits to long-term goal to decarbonise the global economy

7 of the world’s largest economies have come to a landmark agreement to decarbonise the global economy by the end of the century. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and USA have united to act on climate change and the threats posed by continuing reliance on fossil fuels. Announced today, the G7 have agreed to […]

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