Track 0 supports #1.5oC Campaign at Olympics

Track 0 has been advising the influential #1.5oC campaign of the Rio Olympics. Brazilian Campaigners have worked with athletes from around the world, including those from countries that are highly vulnerable to climate impacts, to promote the message: “1.5oC: The Record we must not Break”. Marshall Islands' weightlifiter Mattie Sasser: 1.5oC, dont't break it! #Sport4Climate […]

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#Week11: Campaigns tracking update: who’s mobilising on the long-term goal?

For this week 11’s countdown to Paris blog, Track 0 has brought together an update on the many campaigns now calling for a long-term goal to be included in Paris. They use different wording but a common feature is the desire to decarbonise the global economy by mid century. Some are calling for climate neutrality while […]

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Who’s getting ready for Zero? Conclusions from our side event at the UN Climate Negotiations

A panel of 10 guest speakers convened at the climate negotiations in Bonn on Thursday, June 4 to participate in Getting Ready for Zero, a side event hosted by Track 0, the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE) and the Nordic Folkecentre for Renewable Energy. The event aimed to […]

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Track 0 side event asks who’s getting ready for zero?

With an esteemed panel of speakers this side-event examines the global response to what climate science is telling us:  to stabilise our climate system and stay below the internationally agreed limit of 2ºC with high certainty, we must rapidly eliminate man-made emissions of greenhouse gases and phase-out fossil fuel use almost entirely by around mid-century. […]

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