Past climate efforts have been fragmented and incremental. Keeping to the well below 2ºC / 1.5ºC limit means everyone must play a part. A long term, direction-setting goal to phase out carbon pollution can secure a safe, optimistic future. Long-term goals must translate the well below 2ºC / 1.5ºC temperature rise limit into a practical framework for action that can be implemented by all. The race to reach zero emissions should be seen as an exciting challenge. One that can energise innovation from companies, individuals, cities and the creators of infrastructure and the built environment. One that is compatible with fuelling economic growth with equity. It’s a framework for acting on a positive vision that is scientifically grounded and technically feasible.

There are a wide range of countries, companies, cities, projects and communities committing to carbon neutrality and the race to get to zero emissions with renewable energies. These efforts are now supported by the Paris Agreement which mandates the global transition to net zero and keeping global temperature rise well below 2ºC / 1.5ºC.

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